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About Us

ATEM Foundations

The Foundations were formed by ATEM in 2000 and have been registered in Australia as a charitable company and in New Zealand as a charitable trust.

The Purposes of the ATEM Foundations

The objectives of the Foundations are to raise funds and to manage the Foundation's investments. The proceeds of the investments are provided to ATEM on request to improve the professional education and training for those staff involved in tertiary education management through the provision of training, professional development, exchanges, scholarships, travel grants and research.

The investment portfolio consists of hybrid securities and equities. The former constitute about 30% of the total and can be realised at short notice in case of emergencies. The latter 70% are invested in a mix of growth shares and income shares. All shares pay a dividend.

The Board of the Australian Foundation is:

Vice-President (Michelle Jordan Tong)
The Association Treasurer (Matthew McDonough)
One Regional Chair (Bruce McCallum)
Portfolio Consultant (Giles Pickford)
The Company Secretary (Peter Scardoni)

The membership of the New Zealand Board is under review.

For further enquiries please contact:

ATEM Secretariat
PO Box 6050
ACT 2602

Tel: 61 2 6125 5300
Fax: 61 2 6125 5262
Email: secretariat@atem.org.au