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Emeritus Chapter

Vis Exhausta Periculosissima

The most dangerous force is a spent force

Invitation to the 15th Ghosts ‘Soiree’ - Cairns
In conjunction with TEMC 2014

The Ghosts are ATEM Members who have retired or otherwise left the profession. We exist for two reasons: to enjoy each other’s company annually at the TEMC, and to raise money for the ATEM Foundation which underwrites the ATEM Grants and Scholarship program.

Escape winter and come to sunny warm Cairns!

This Year’s soiree, the 15th such Ghosts' ‘Soiree’, will be hosted by Barry Cameron - one of the very early members of ATEM and Queensland Branch presidents in the 1980s – 90s. The gathering will take place at 6.30pm Tuesday, 2 September at The Salthouse Restaurant, Marina Point in Cairns.

Be sure to check out Giles Pickford’s treatise on the Emeritus Chapter on the ATEM website.

Situated at Marina Point, next to the new Cairns Yacht Club facilities, Salt House is a unique dining, bar and entertainment venue offering a panorama of the ocean, marina and city on the waterfront in Cairns.

It has been designed by renowned Sydney designer Michael McCann of Dreamtime Australia Design and the fluid space allows uninterrupted views of the changing colours of the ocean and mountains that encircle the city.

Salt House offers a wide variety of seafoods as well as a normal a la cart menu with excellent choices in wines and beverages

As usual, the cost will be $200. Cheques can be made payable to the ATEM Foundation and direct banking details if required are as follows:

This year's Ghosts' Soiree will be hosted by Barry Cameron and will be held in the private dining room at Salt House, Marina Point in Cairns. More details will be listed as they are confirmed.

The 14th Ghosts’ Soiree was hosted by Trevor Short at the Remi de Provence in Hobart.

Year Donation Event Held
2003 $2200.00 Adelaide
2004 $1690.00 Hobart
2005 $1591.00 Perth
2006 $1282.00 Sydney
2007 $2326.00 Canberra
2008 $4030.00 Christchurch
2009 $927.00 Darwin
2010 $3283.00 Melbourne
2011 $2143.00 Gold Coast
2012 $1420.00 Adelaide
2013 $606.38 Hobart
2014 $715.45 Cairns
2015 Wollongong
Total $22193.00

What is the Emeritus Chapter?

"Zen enriches no-one. There is no body to be found. The birds of appetite may come and circle for a while in the place where it is thought to be. But they soon go elsewhere. When they are gone, the 'nothing', the 'nobody' that was there, suddenly appears. That is Zen. It was there all the time but the scavengers missed it, because it was not their kind of prey".
From 'Zen and the Birds of Appetite' by Thomas Merton

This quote was an inspiration for one of our members who was about to retire, but who yearned for some sort of continuing involvement with the ATEM tribe. He could not see why retirement needed to end his tribal activities. He understood that he was about to suddenly become insubstantial, or ghost-like: a wraith that the birds of appetite (all of whom have useful jobs) would suddenly no longer be able to see. And yet he knew that Ghosts have the power to move mountains and change the course of rivers. We know this from our Aboriginal heritage.

So he suggested to the ATEM 2000 Group in 1998 that members who retired, or who left the profession, should be given a vehicle through which they could continue to contribute.

The end result was that following terms of reference for the ATEM Ghosts were adopted at the 1999 Conference in Wellington, NZ. The group was re-named the Emeritus Chapter in 2003.

ATEM will maintain an Association Chapter which will consist of members who are no longer actively engaged in the management of tertiary education, but who wish to retain contact with ATEM and each other. This Chapter will be named The ATEM Emeritus Chapter (previously the ATEM Ghosts).

The Chapter will be established as a Chapter of the Association, but members will also operate within a region.

The aims of the Chapter will be:

  • to allow members to continue to be involved with the operations of the Association by providing information about region and Association activities;
  • to undertake appropriate voluntary work for ATEM and ATEM regions from time to time;
  • to continue to promote the activities of ATEM, both locally and internationally;
  • to spearhead a bequest and giving program for the ATEM Foundation;
  • to arrange social gatherings and other events for its members from time to time, particularly in conjunction with the Annual Conference;
  • to produce and circulate an annual Newsletter containing news about its members and about ATEM at large which will be published on the ATEM web site.

The Chapter will maintain a membership register that will be available to ATEM members via the ATEM web site. The Chapter will have a Convenor who is appointed by Council after a consultation process with the members.

The Association will set fees annually, and fees will be paid to the Association Secretariat. The Convenor will manage the Chapter and liaise as needed with the Secretariat, but particularly about communication within the Chapter.

The Chapter will report annually to the September meeting of Council and the AGM.

ATEM Emeritus Members will be eligible for member rates for all ATEM activities, including the Association Conference.

Members of the Chapter should be involved where appropriate throughout the Association. Members have voting rights in ATEM elections and referenda, and can be elected to office in the Regions.

In the event of a dispute between the Chapter and Council, the will of Council will prevail.

Adopted September 1999, modified September 2003

The Emeritus Chapter and the ATEM Foundation

The ATEM Council requested the Emeritus Chapter to spearhead a bequests program for the ATEM Foundation. Our record of support over the years has been good. Many of our number have assisted ATEM projects at the Council and regional level. The value of this contribution is hard to evaluate, but it is considerable.

If you have any spare assets that are bothering you, then you could do no better than direct some of them to the ATEM Foundation for the purpose of funding our education and training programs, and our scholarships and travel grants for ATEM members.

Our first target was to permanently endow the Maurie Blank Study Scholarship, named for the Founder of our predecessor organisation, AITEA. This target has been achieved.

The second target is to endow the Peter Karmel International Travel Grant, named for our third Patron, and the third is the Ian Chubb Career Development Grant.

We have opened an account with the Commonwealth Bank. If you would like to think of doing a regular direct credit into this fund, we will send you a deduction authority to sign.

Peter Scardoni
Convenor of Ghosts

Year Venue Host
2000 Walter's Wine Bar, Melbourne Bob Speechley
2001 University House, ANU Canberra Colin Plowman
2002 The Green Papaya, Brisbane Trevor Short
2003 Bradman Room, Adelaide Oval

Ion Wallace

2004 Shipwrights' Inn, Hobart Carol Harding
2005 University of Western Australia Club Chris Jeffery
2006 Aria Restaurant, Circular Quay Jim McLauchlan
2007 Lanyon Homestead, Canberra Colin Plowman
2008 Riccarton House, Christchurch Warwick Nicoll
2009 The Char Restaurant, Darwin Viv Carson
2010 Melbourne Cricket Ground Bob Speechley
2011 Fellini at The Mirage, Gold Coast John Topley
2012 The Army Navy and Air Force Club, Adelaide Peter Castleton
2013 Remi de Provence, Hobart Trevor Short
2014 Salt House, Cairns Barry Cameron