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Professional Development

Professional Development

ATEM provides high quality professional development and leadership programs for the tertiary education sector in Australia, PNG and New Zealand.

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March 2017
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Upcoming Events

    • Project Management Fundamentals

      If you are a new or aspiring Project Manager this short course provides the comprehensive foundations you need to effectively initiate and manage workplace projects.

      4 - 5 April 2017 -Brisbane, QLD
    • Cross Sectoral Forum #4

      A meeting of TAFE, private providers and universities to network issues on cross-sectoral partnerships.

      7 April 2017 -Melbourne
    • The Hows and Whys of Process Mapping

      We have been offering this popular course for the past six years, and there has been no reduction in demand for Grisel's challenging and informative insights into Process Management.

      28th April 2017 -Sydney, NSW
    • Committee Management and Minute Taking (BA)

      This practical session will help Executive Officers understand their role and enhance the skills required for managing committees in universities.

      28-APRIL-2017 -Melbourne, Victoria
    • Management Decision Making Frameworks

      We make decisions every day in our personal and professional lives. This course will help you make better ones.

      5-MAY-2017 -Melbourne, Victoria
    • The Power to Present

      NEW DATE ANNOUNCED! How are your presentations? Interesting but dry, informative but a little dull? Anthony Ackroyd is the consummate presenter and he will be sharing his skills and techniques.

      5 May 2017 -Sydney, NSW
    • Middle Managers Program

      The ATEM MMP is a unique residential program designed especially for middle managers, offering a rare chance to reflect and recharge with a group of colleagues from across Australasia.

      8-10 May 2017 -Melbourne, Victoria
    • Effective Business Writing

      This Effective Business Writing short course provides you with practical tools and techniques to effectively develop professional business communications. This course will enable you to write structured, high quality and engaging workplace documents.

      9 - 10 May 2017 -Brisbane, QLD
    • 2017 University Finance Conference

      The inaugural UFC 2017 - "Navigating the World of University Finance"

      11-12 May 2017 -Gold Coast, Australia
    • Course Portfolio Management

      The CPM program was held successfully in Sydney in October last year and is coming to Melbourne.

      18 May 2017 -Melbourne, VIC
    • The Hows and Whys of Process Mapping (BA)

      This workshop will provide participants with the tools required to conceptualise and define processes at a high and detailed level, analyse them while at the same time equip them with the practical tools to illustrate and document these.

      19-MAY-2017 -Melbourne, Victoria
    • SSCC 2017

      The SSCC 2017 will be held on 24-26 May at Macquarie University, New South Wales.

      24 - 26 May 2017 -Sydney, NSW
    • Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace

      In this workshop you'll learn how to discover the root causes of conflict, how certain behaviours impact others and learn specific strategies to deal with difficult people in an appropriate manner. Whether it’s a conflict involving customers, staff or management, you’ll be equipped with the tools and techniques to approach others, reach a resolution and prevent further issues going forward. This training course provides you with an opportunity to plan and practice your situational management skills so you feel empowered to handle any workplace conflict.

      29 May 2017 -Online
    • Writing for Digital Platforms

      Writing an online forum, intranet, internet or even a blog or Facebook page? Brush up on the best ways to capture an online audience.

      2nd June 2017 -Sydney, NSW
    • Institutional Policy Seminar

      This seminar is an opportunity for policy practitioners across the sector to explore best practice, and to discuss practical development and implementation issues.

      9th June 2017 -Sydney
    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

      The critical thinking and problem solving short course provides you with the skills you need to make decisions that are aligned to business goals. The course considers a range of models and techniques and provides practical guidance on how to implement them in your workplace.

      13 June 2017 -Brisbane, QLD
    • 2017 Aotearoa Regional Conference

      The theme for the 2017 Aotearoa Regional Conference is "Advancing Excellence in Tertiary Education Management". The Call for Submissions is now open.

      3 - 4 July 2017 -New Zealand
    • Essential Dashboards in Excel

      Ready to hone your Excel skills by learning with Danielle Stein Fairhurst, an acknowledged leader in the field? Then this is the course for you!

      21st July 2017 -Sydney, NSW
    • Understanding Your Strategic Plan

      In this interactive session we explore strategic planning frameworks and their impact across complex organisations like universities and VET providers.

      21-JULY-2017 -Melbourne, Victoria
    • ORANGES - Employee Wellness Program

      ORANGES is a program that provides measurable outcomes to improve the overall performance and wellbeing of your people, teams and business.

      Optimism Resilience Attitude Now Gratitude Energy Strengths

      26 - 27 July 2017 -Brisbane, QLD
    • Committee Management and Minute Taking

      This practical session will help EOs understand their role and enhance skills required for preparing high quality agendas and minutes - tailored for the tertiary education sector.

      28th July 2017 -Sydney, NSW
    • Time Management

      This workshop will help you become more productive and more efficient in your role, and includes training in effective time management strategies such as goal setting, task prioritisation and delegation, applying Pareto's 80/20 rule, managing emails, how to overcome the procrastination habit and much more.

      8 August 2017 -Online
    • HoSA Conference 2017

      HoSA 2017, 9-11 August, QLD | Sun, Surf and the Student Experience | Registrations OPEN.

      9-11 August 2017 -Noosa Heads, Queensland
    • Assertiveness & Self Confidence

      This workshop teaches you how to become more confident and comfortable with personal assertiveness, how to cope with other people's negativity, and how to behave when someone else is being overbearing towards you.

      In this course you also learn how to approach difficult topics and topics you’re passionate about with constructive approaches, including how to say “no” without being portrayed as “offensive,” use body language effectively, express your views and disagreements positively and more.

      5 September 2017 -Online
    • Business Writing Essentials

      This workshop is packed full of tips to help you create clear, persuasive documents that get the results you want.

      22nd September 2017 -Sydney, NSW
    • Developing Creativity

      Do you sometimes struggle to think creatively or suffer from mental blocks when trying to come up with new ideas?

      In this course participants will be exposed to techniques like mind-mapping, using gamification, using positive affirmations, confronting negative thoughts and ways to remove mental blocks. After attending this inspiring training course you will have a better understanding of what drives creative thinking and how to engage the creative thinking process.

      16 October 2017 -Online
    • High Performance Memory

      In this workshop, learn how to remember information, names and numbers like a genius! Your brain is powerful, but you are possibly harnessing only a fraction of its potential in your daily life. Now you can access more of the vast 'untapped potential' lying dormant within. Based on recent discoveries in neuroscience and how the brain works, you will learn step-by-step how to cultivate a super memory!

      24 October 2017 -Brisbane, QLD
    • Personal Productivity

      Do you ever wish you had more hours in a day so you can get more done? This short course will help you learn how to establish routines, set personal goals and create an effective and practical working environment, while providing you with some tools to help you maximise your personal productivity.

      Learn valuable skills like prioritising your day, setting and following routines, organising electronic and paper documents for easy access, taking control of your email, ways to avoid procrastination and much more.

      7 November 2017 -Online